30 September 2008

Lynette Horsburgh Fundraising Pool Exhibition

Hi folks

Just a quick post to let you know that my friend, who also happens to be the 2008 WEPF Ladies World 8-Ball Champion, Lynette Horsburgh, will be doing a fundraising exhibition at Braehead Shopping Centre this weekend in aid of "Hearing Dogs For Deaf People". The dates and times are:-

Friday 3rd October 2008 from 10am till 9pm
Saturday 4th October 2008 from 9am till 6:30pm
Sunday 5th October 2008 from 10am till 6pm

Also, for your information, here's a little information about the work "Hearing Dogs For Deaf People" do.

"Nearly nine million of the UK population experience some degree of hearing loss. That's one person in every seven. Over 650,000 of these people are severely or profoundly deaf and could benefit from a hearing dog.

Hearing dogs change lives. They alert their deaf owners to sounds we take for granted, providing greater independence, confidence and security. Most are selected from rescue centres or donated as unwanted pets.

We rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organisations to continue transforming the lives of deaf people and unwanted puppies. Thank you for your interest in our work."

Lynette will be available to play between 10am and 9pm in return for a donation of £3 or more. At intervals during the day, trick shots will be performed, and lucky members of the audience will be invited to have a go.

If you can, get yourselves down there and help raise a ton of cash for a very worthy cause.

Speak soon

The Cardman :-)

15 September 2008

The Jill Deck - updated with more information

Hi folks

Thought I'd do a brief post about an item a friend of mine has launched in time for the IBM British Ring Convention taking place in Eastbourne next week.

Annabel De Vetten is a Birmingham-based artist who has designed a poker size deck of cards that I think looks pretty amazing. Now I am normally the first to denounce the use of the likes of "Viper" or "Tiger" playing cards which have black faces and white and/or red pips but these, in my eyes look really cool. The picture cards are actually pictures that Anna has designed and drawn herself. And the "Jacks" are what give the deck its name - all the Jacks are Jills, hence The Jill Deck.

The Jill Deck poster showing all the faces of all the cards

The cards cost £10 for the limited edition "Art Deck" which comes with a hand-signed Ace of Hearts and a free poster. There is also a "Magic Deck" which will sell for £12.

A closer view of a scattering of cards from The Jill Deck

The "Magic Deck" contains 60 cards, including 7 gaffed cards and has marked backs. The extra cards include some unquie gaffs. Included in the deck are some of the most important gaffed cards in card magic while others have been specifically created for the Jill Deck. As tricks are not included in this deck, how you use these gaff cards is entirely up to the owner of the deck. Included are:-

  • A duplicate Joker with a punched out bullet hole
  • A duplicate topless Queen of Clubs
  • A misindexed Ace of Diamonds/3 of Clubs
  • A misindexed 3 of Clubs/Ace of Diamonds
  • A double faced card
  • A double backed card.
  • A white Queen of Hearts

There will also be something called "The Jill Deck Community", which will allow users of the Jill Deck to share videos of effects using the cards and gaffs via YouTube. This part is still in development and is due to be launched on the Jill Deck website but to join, send an e-mail to info@card-shark.de with the link and a short introduction to your trick, if you like. There will also be a password-protected part of the Community where methods can be discussed. All the manufacturers request is that the explanation of the method (which would be appreciated) are kept separate from the performance.

For full details, go see Anna in the Dealers' Hall at the IBM Convention in Eastbourne.

Speak soon

The Cardman :-)