22 July 2011

Opus Magazine

"A state of mind, an independent voice". That's how Opus Magazine introduced itself on every... however often it appeared. Now, the Opus Editorial Team™ of Chris Power and JJ have decided to revamp their website, add an online shop where you can buy the PDF downloads of the first couple of volumes (with, we are promised, more to follow in due course) and even start a forum for like-minded magicians to discuss whatever they want to discuss.

The magazine was an attempt to create the sort that Chris and JJ, along with original editor Ian Keeble and advisor David Britland, would want to read themselves. Interviews, reports, reviews, gossip and even a trick or 2 per issue. As it turned out, a lot of people wanted to read this sort of magazine too. The reports and reviews were never anything short of honest and if they didn't like something, they would tell you - and tell you why! Opus were not afraid to voice their opinion and ruffle more than a few feathers of the magical establishment, if they felt those feathers needed ruffled.

Even though Chris and JJ haven't been away anywhere - they've been busy with something called "life" - it's great to see them, and Opus, back with an online presence. You should go visit them at www.opusmagazine.co.uk. I think you'll enjoy your time with them.

Speak soon

The Cardman :-)

14 July 2011

Surprise, Surprise!

Hi folks

This time, instead of me typing the words, here's a wee message from the MacMillan Family themselves about this year's International Magic Convention.

“For the last few years the ultimate event of the Sunday daytime of The International Magic Convention (18th to 20th November) has been the presentation of the David Berglas International Magic Award. Always a closely guarded secret the recipients over the last few years include Uri Geller, David Copperfield and Juan Tamariz, all of whom have been happy to answer questions from the assembled audience at The Mermaid Theatre in London following the presentation. The surprise element of who the recipient is going to be has always created an incredible buzz in the theatre leading up to the proceedings and some of our most cherished memories of the Convention. Once again David Berglas has another amazing event planned for this year, and once again we’d like you to join him and us not only for that but also many other fantastic lectures and shows to celebrate our 40th Anniversary”.

Signed - The MacMillan Family

From a personal standpoint, I think Sunday at 5pm at the International Magic Convention is not only a highlight of the convention, but a highlight of the year as a whole. From Uri Geller being willing to face any question (whether he answered them is another matter!) to David Copperfield spending an hour with us via Skype from his base in Las Vegas to David Berglas and Juan Tamariz conspiring to fool every person in the theatre by making us think that the Skype link had failed and then the Maestro walking on stage moments later, I cannot wait for Mr Berglas to make this year's presentation.

Speak soon

The Cardman :-)

04 July 2011

A scoop at the International Magic Convention

Hi folks

International Magic are proud to announce that Harry Anderson will be making his first ever European Magic Convention appearance at this year's International Magic Convention. With multiple appearances on USA’s Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as well as being a regular guest artist in Cheers, a star of his 2 very own highly successful sitcoms spanning 12 years and as one of the USA’s most revered comedy magicians, it seems inconceivable that he has never before appeared at a European Magic Convention, but that will all change later this year when Harry Anderson not only performs his one man show, but then reveals and dissects everything in it in a follow up lecture at The International Magic Convention in London (November 18-20). If you need any more convincing that this will be a truly unmissable event, check out any review of Mike Caveney’s number one best seller “Wise Guy”.

Harry will open the Convention on the Friday Night and is just one of very many special events planned, not only during the Convention but also in London’s Festival of Magic in the week leading up to it. If you’re a magic fan there will be no better time to visit London – watch magicweek over the next month to read of just some of the spectacular seminar and one-off events that we’ve planned to celebrate this, the 40th year of London’s only annual Convention.

I'll be posting more details in the coming weeks leading up to the convention, so stay tuned!

Speak soon.

The Cardman :-)