06 June 2012

Magic, Magicians and Magic Related Stuff at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

Hi folks

Last week saw the release of this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme and, as usual, I went through it to find as many magic, magicians and magic-related shows as I could find in the programme.  This year there are nearly 50 shows!  Mind you, there are nearly 3000 shows on in Edinburgh throughout August!  And these shows do not count any of the street performers that are going to be working on the High Street throughout the month.

Disclaimer: Please note that these are all the shows that I could find in the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme.  As other websites update their programmes for the duration of the Fringe, I will add any shows I spot there as necessary.


Aurora Winterborn's Candid Cabaret
Candid Cabaret
Candid Cabaret.  Dispelling the view that a strip club is all it is, we return for our second year of Festival frolics, comedy, burlesque and magic!  See Facebook for more info.
**** (ThreeWeeks, 2011).
Sapphire Rooms • 81-83 Lothian Road, EH3 9AW
Aug 5, 8-10, 12, 15-17, 19, 22-24: 18:30 (1h) £7.00 (£5.00)

Auntie Myra's Fun Show
Myra Dubois
Myra Dubois is to children's entertainment what Hitler was to race relations.  An evening of half-arsed magic and sing-along fun.  Don’t actually bring a child, they’ll be scarred for life.  'Funny to the bone' (Time Out).
The Voodoo Rooms • 19a West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 1-2: 22:45 (1h) £5.00
Aug 3-5, 9-12, 16-19, 23-26: 22:45 (1h) £10.00
Aug 7-8, 14-15, 21-22: 22:45 (1h) £8.00

Chris Cross: Loose Cannon 2012
Chris Cross Entertainment/PBH's Free Fringe
The globe-trotting funny man returns with new tricks and old favourites!  Expect off-the-wall magic, contortion and escapology.  Not for the easily offended.  It's free but not sh*t!  'Must-see show' (Stage).  www.festivalcabaret.com.  Twitter: @TheChrisCross
**** (BroadwayBaby.com, 2011).
Globe • Niddry Street, EH1 1LG
Aug 19-23: 23:00 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Doug Segal: How to Read Minds and Influence People
Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live
'Imagine if Derren Brown was funny' (Evening Standard).  Last year's sell-out hit returns!  Learn to read minds and more.  **** (Edinburgh Evening News).  ***** (WhatsOnStage.com).  **** (Skinny).
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 2-3: 19:00 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4-5,8-9,14-16,20-23,27: 19:00 (1h) £8.50 (£7.50)
Aug 6-7,10-12,17-19,24-26: 19:00 (1h) £9.50 (£8.50)

From Houdini to Potter
Great Grandmother Productions
Unlike anything you've seen before and after a sell-out tour, Yorkshire sensation Chris Cassells brings his debut act to the Edinburgh stage.  Uncover the driving force behind magic's most famous performers, both real and fictional.  www.fromhoudinitopotter.com.
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall • Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW
Aug 3-4: 20:05 (1h) £5.00
Aug 6-11: 20:05 (1h) £7.00 (£5.00)

Laurent Piron – Unusual Day
Laurent Piron
Narrated with magic and comedy, Laurent reveals the beginnings of his journey as a magician.  This reflection takes unusual twists and turns into an introspective tale where either luck or fate play…  You decide.
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall • Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW
Aug 13-18: 20:10 (45m) £9.00 (£8.00)

Marcel Lucont: Cabaret Fantastique
Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent
The Gallic legend presents a midnight feast of the Fringe's finest acts.  Contains magic and tits.  'A perfect night out.  No night's the same, but every one's a delight' ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe).
Assembly George Square • George Square, EH8 9LH
Aug 10, 17, 24: 23:59 (1h) £12.50

Paul Dabek – Nothing Up My Sleeve!
Paul Dabek / PBH's Free Fringe
Award-winning magician Paul Dabek returns to the Fringe with his high energy one-man show.  An eclectic mix of sleight of hand, illusion and quick fire comedy from a critically acclaimed international performer.
The Voodoo Rooms • West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 4-25: 21:35 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Piff the Magic Dragon in… Jurassic Bark
Piff the Magic Dragon
It's 2012 – the Year of the Dragon – and Piff's back!  But more importantly, so is Mr Piffles!  The World's First Cannonball Chihuahua™.  Total sell-out 2011.  'A stunningly good magician' (Penn & Teller).
Pleasance Dome • Potterow, 1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL
Aug 1-3: 19:10 (1h) £6.00
Aug 4-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 19:10 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00)
Aug 6-9, 13-16, 20-23: 19:10 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)

Rob James: Magicana
Rob James
A retro-modern magic show.  Elegant sleight of hand, baffling magical apparatus and inexplicable illusions presented with humour and flair.  'Beautifully crafted show…  Wowed the audience.' (Magicseen Magazine).  www.magicanashow.com.
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall • Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW
Aug 3-4: 13:05 (50m) £5.00
Aug 6-9, 13-16, 20-23: 13:05 (50m) £8.50 (£7.50) (£30.00 F)
Aug 10-11, 17-18, 24-25: 13:05 (50m) £9.50 (£8.50) (£34.00 F)

The Spirit Sideshow
Peter Campbell-Wells
Magician and mentalist Peter Campbell-Wells shares his passion for haunted antiques and possessed knick-knacks.  Showing no respect for the spirits of the departed, Pete presents a selection of his favourite curios for your entertainment pleasure!  www.spiritsideshow.co.uk.
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House • 38 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DD
Aug 19-23, 25-27: 22:45 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Sweet Release
Sweet Venues
Welcome to the biggest show to end your Fringe day with!  Join amazing acts from all across the fabulous festival for a revue that changes every night!  Comedy, magic, music, burlesque and much, much more!  www.sweetvenues.com.
Sweet Grassmarket • Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS
Aug 2-17, 19-24: 23:00 (2h) £10.00 (£8.00)

Vaudeville Schmuck
Mat Ricardo
Mat Ricardo thrilled Edinburgh last year with his award-winning solo show.  Now he’s back with a fresh batch of jaw-dropping tricks and gravity-defying routines, plus hilarious tales from the history of vaudeville and variety.
The Voodoo Rooms • 19a West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 1-2: 17:45 (1h) £5.00
Aug 3-5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-26: 17:45 (1h) £6.00

Voodoo Varieties
Mat Ricardo’s smash hit London Varieties Show comes to Edinburgh!  Featuring the very best variety acts, archive footage and an on-stage interview with a major player in the world of entertainment.  A brand new style of showcase!
The Voodoo Rooms • 19a West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 1-2: 20:15 (1h) £5.00
Aug 3-5, 9-12, 16-19, 23-26: 20:15 (1h) £10.00
Aug 7-8, 14-15, 21-22: 20:15 (1h) £8.00

Wet Paint: A Magic Variety Show – Free
Neil Kelso Productions
Featuring spectacular new illusions, variety acts, comedy and live music, last year’s sell-out success is back!  You might travel sideways in time, see the psychic bearded lady, or quiz a clairvoyant automaton.
Le Monde • 16 George Street, EH2 2PF
Aug 3-25: 19:00 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)


The Amazing Bubble Show
Lunchbox Theatrical Productions
All-new show from Fringe favourite Louis Pearl, The Amazing Bubbleman (five sell-out Edinburgh years).  Bubble magic, art, science and fun, conjuring laughs and gasps from all ages!  Book early.  **** ‘Highly recommended’ (BritishTheatreGuide.co.uk, 2011).
Assembly George Square • George Square, EH8 9LH
Aug 1-3: 12:05 (55m) £8.00
Aug 4-7, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 12:05 (55m) £12.00 (£10.00)
Aug 8-9, 13, 15-16, 20-23, 27: 12:05 (55m) £10.00 (£8.00)

Freedom Family Circus
Freedom Family Circus and Xtreme Sideshow
Hilarious antics and madcap adventures explode in a cornucopia of visual delights!  This must-see premiere showcase combines the magical elements of clowns, juggling, dance and music to create a fun-filled interactive show for all ages.  www.freedomfamilycircus.com.
Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel • 34 Bread Street, EH3 9AF
Aug 4-5: 13:40 (1h) £5.00 (£3.00 C) (£12.00 F)
Aug 6-11, 13-18, 20-25: 13:40 (1h) £7.00 (£5.00) (£20.00 F)

The I Hate Children Children’s Show
Unusual Productions
Magic for teens, tweens, and hot soccer moms!  Throw some whiskey in your sippy cup and bring the kids to a show that’s as much fun for parents as for kids.  ‘Best Children’s Show’ (ThreeWeeks).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Aug 1-3: 12:15 (1h) £6.00
Aug 4-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 12:15 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)
Aug 6-9, 13-16, 20-23, 27: 12:15 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)

Spook Circus
Peter Campbell-Wells
Magician Peter Campbell-Wells presents his dazzling troupe of eerie entertainers!  These are the most highly-trained andtalented spooks working in entertainment today – althoughthat, admittedly, isn’t saying much!  Visit www.spookcircus.co.uk for more details and fun stuff!
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House • 38 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DD
Aug 19-26: 12:10 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed)

Ta Daaa!
Frehd Astarr and Tim Eee Presley
All the way from Eleventy 5 Jellybean Drive, Clown Town, best friends, Frehd and Tim Eee invite you to a packed hour of magic making, mirth giving, bubble blowing, song singing fun.
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 3-5: 11:30 (1h) £5.00
Aug 9-12, 18-19, 25-26: 11:30 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)


Alan Hudson’s Not So Secret World of Magic
Alan Hudson
Quirky illusions and hilarious tales from Alan’s magical life, mainly about tricks going horribly wrong.  From ITV’s Fool Us, ‘We loved your act’ (Penn & Teller).  Warning: may contain LOLs.  No refunds.
Just the Tonic at The Caves • Enter from The Rowantree Bar (under South Bridge), 253 Cowgate, EH1 1LG
Aug 2-3: 16:55 (1h) £4.00
Aug 4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25: 16:55 (1h) £9.00 (£7.00)
Aug 5-9, 12-13, 15-16, 19-23, 26: 16:55 (1h) £7.00 (£5.00)

Believe – Starring Shane Dundas from the Umbilical Brothers
Assembly and Marshall Cordell
A legend in the comedy world as one half of the hugely popular Umbilical Brothers, Shane Dundas is about to leap into the unknown, as he performs his own solo show, Believe.
Assembly George Square • George Square, EH8 9LH
Aug 1-3: 22:10 (1h) £10.00
Aug 4-7, 10-12, 17-19, 23-26: 22:10 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 8-9, 14-16, 20-22, 27: 22:10 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)

The Boy With Tape On His Face – More Tape
Boy with Tape on his Face
Brand new show!  As seen on The Royal Variety Performance, BBC2’s Comedy Prom and BBC3’s Live at the Fringe.  ‘Spectacular!  Hysterically funny – fight for a ticket!’ ***** (Time Out).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Aug 2-3: 21:40 (1h) £6.00
Aug 4-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 21:40 (1h) £13.50 (£11.00)
Aug 6-9, 13, 15-16, 20-23, 27: 21:40 (1h) £12.50 (£10.00)

Card Ninja: ReDeal
Javier Jarquin
Following the success of last year’s Festival Javier Jarquin returns with an all-new show for 2012.  Combining killer wit and cards as weapons, Card Ninja: ReDeal brings more comedy, more Ninja and many more cards.
Assembly George Square • George Square, EH8 9LH
Aug 2-3: 11:20 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4-12, 14-19, 21-26: 11:20 (1h) £9.00

Carl-Einar Häckner: Handluggage
Gilded Balloon
Guaranteed to tickle you with more than just his Ikea props, marvel at this Swedish sorcerer as he performs underwhelming feats of magic, sings completely ridiculous songs and proves that foreign accents are almost always funny.
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 1-3: 19:30 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4-7, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 19:30 (1h) £10.50 (£9.50)
Aug 8-9, 14-16, 20-23, 27: 19:30 (1h) £9.50 (£8.50)

Chris Dugdale’s 2 Faced Deception
Middleton Enterprises
As seen on ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us.  Discover the cheek and charm of Dugdale’s devious deceptions.  ‘More jaw-dropping in 20 minutes than two hours and 20 minutes of Derren Brown’s Svengali’ (BroadwayWorld.com).  www.2faceddeception.com.
Assembly George Square • George Square, EH8 9LH
Aug 1-3: 18:10 (1h) £6.00
Aug 4-7, 10-12, 17-19, 23-26: 18:10 (1h) £12.00 (£10.50)
Aug 8-9, 13-16, 20-22, 27: 18:10 (1h) £11.00 (£9.50)

Cirque du Charlie Chuck
Charlie Chuck
Vic and Bob’s sidekick, Fringe legend Charlie Chuck’s back with mixed magic, cabaret, organ-playing, drum-smashing, burlesque bits, French songs and lady assistant.  ‘Masterpiece of oddity’ (Scotsman).  More scary, more weird.  Plus unexpected latex suit.
SpaceCabaret @ 54 • North Bridge, EH1 2HE
Aug 13-25: 12:30 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)

The Colour Ham
Colour Ham
Eleven nights only – will sell out.  Mind-blowing sketch show full of magic, mentalism and comedy wrapped up in a big ball ofrock‘n’roll silliness.  ‘Gobsmacked…  Blows the audience away’ **** (EdinburghSpotlight.com).
Just the Tonic at The Caves • Enter from The Rowantree Bar (under South Bridge), 253 Cowgate, EH1 1LG
Aug 2: 21:15 (1h) £5.00
Aug 3-4: 21:15 (1h) £7.00
Aug 5, 8-9: 21:15 (1h) £9.50 (£8.50) Aug 6-7, 10-12: 21:15 (1h) £10.50 (£9.50)

Danny Buckler: The Phantom
Best Medicine Management
Danny Buckler rises from his lair beneath the opera house for his debut show, an hour of killer theatrical comedy only he can deliver.  ‘A Hancockian treasure’ (Russell Brand).  ‘An endearing air of parodic grandeur’ (Metro).
Just the Tonic at The Caves • Enter from The Rowantree Bar (under South Bridge), 253 Cowgate, EH1 1LG
Aug 2-3: 21:20 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4, 10-11, 17-18: 21:20 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)
Aug 5-9, 12-13, 15-16, 19-26: 21:20 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)

Lie. Cheat. Steal. Confessions of a Real Hustler
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson is star of BBC3’s hit show The Real Hustle and the world’s foremost expert on cons and scams.  Discover impossible feats of skill and learn the weapons of mass deception.
Zoo • 140 The Pleasance, EH8 9RR
Aug 3-9, 12-16, 19-23, 26-27: 20:00 (50m) £10.00 (£9.00)
Aug 10-11, 17-18, 24-25: 20:00 (50m) £12.00 (£11.00)

LOLd on a Minute!
Crazy Legs Theatre
Following 2010’s ***** (LoveFringe.com) tour, Crazy Legs Theatre is back with its brand spanking new show combining sizzling-hot sketches, chortling comedy and a mad magician.  Prepare to have your mind bent and your sides split.  Painfully.
Sweet Grassmarket • Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS
Aug 12-17, 19-24, 26: 20:30 (1h) £7.00 (£6.00)

The Magical Adventures of Pete Heat
Pete Hathway
Surreal, irreverent and downright amazing hour of comedy magic from lanky charmer Pete Heat.  May contain eloquence, delight and posh weasels.  ‘Pete scares me.  And then there’s his magic…’ (Rich Fulcher, The Mighty Boosh).
Gilded Balloon at Third Door • 45–47 Lothian Street, EH1 1HB
Aug 1-2: 17:45 (1h) £8.00
Aug 3-5, 8-9, 13-16, 20-23, 27: 17:45 (1h) £10.00 (£8.50)
Aug 6-7, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 17:45 (1h) £12.00 (£10.00)

Mind Reading for Breakfast
‘Psychic’ Psychologist – Rob Bailey
Weaving magic and comedy with his life story, Rob explores his childhood love of supernatural mysteries, working in secure psychiatric wards, and Fringe shows.  Told with sensitivity, humour and baffling psychological illusions.  **** (Big Issue).  www.psychicpsychologist.co.uk.
Sweet Grassmarket • Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS
Aug 11-17, 19-24, 26-27: 11:30 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)

Morgan & West: Clockwork Miracles
Morgan & West
Enter the workshop of Victorian magical duo Morgan & West.  Delve deep into the conjuring clutter and discover a multitude of magical marvels hidden within.  Sell out show 2009 – 2011.  ‘Simply spiffing!’ ***** (ThreeWeeks).
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 1-4: 16:30 (1h) £6.00
Aug 5-9, 13, 15-16, 20-23, 27: 16:30 (1h) £9.50 (£8.50)
Aug 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 16:30 (1h) £10.50 (£9.50)

Morgan & West: Lying, Cheating Scoundrels
Morgan & West
Morgan & West invite you to join them at the card table for an intimate evening of swindles, scams and good old fashioned cheating.  Strictly limited capacity.
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 1-4: 00:00 (1h) £10.00
Aug 5, 8-12, 15-19, 22-26: 00:00 (1h) £16.00 (£14.00)

Obsession – A Life With Magic
Ian Kendall
What happens when you show an Asperger’s kid something cool?  Ian’s 21st Fringe year is an update of last year’s five-star complete sell-out show.  Get inside the head of a world-class magician.
Zoo • 140 The Pleasance, EH8 9RR
Aug 3-18: 21:05 (50m) £10.00

Pete Firman – Hoodwinker
Phil McIntyre Entertainments by Arrangement With Objective Talent Management
Don’t miss Pete Firman (BBC1’s The Magicians) as he returns to Edinburgh with an all-new box of tricks.  ‘The new poster-boy for British comedy magic’ (Telegraph).  ‘The best magic tricks in the universe’ (Independent).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Aug 1-3: 21:10 (1h) £6.00
Aug 4-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 21:10 (1h) £15.00 (£13.50)
Aug 6-9, 13-16, 20-23: 21:10 (1h) £12.00 (£10.50)

Peter Antoniou’s Psychic Circus
Peter Antoniou/Red24 Management
Join award-winning ‘psychic’ comedian Peter Antoniou who acts as ringmaster and guides you through his Psychic Circus.  This is PT Barnum for the 21st century, but this time, you are the show.  ***** (WhatsOnStage.com).  **** (ThreeWeeks).
Sweet Grassmarket • Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS
Aug 2-3: 15:35 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4-17, 19-24, 26: 15:35 (1h) £8.00 (£6.00)

Richard Wiseman: Psychobabble
Richard Wiseman/PBH’s Free Fringe
Six shows only!  Best-selling author, psychologist and magician Richard Wiseman rummages around in your mind.  Discover how to tell lies, read thoughts and transform a tea towel into a chicken.  Several laughs.  Some swearing.  No powerpoint.
The Canons’ Gait • 232 Canongate, EH8 8DQ
Aug 8, 15, 22: 12:10 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed)
Aug 8, 15, 22: 18:05 (55m) (Free Non-ticketed)

Tennyson Hanbury’s Condensed Cabaret
Tennyson Hanbury’s Condensed Cabaret /PBH’s Free Fringe
Mad magician Tennyson Hanbury, in liege with the devil and follower of the left hand path, the conjurer of cruelty and sorcerer of sin, will leave you aghast with his freakish feats of illusion.
Belushi’s • 9-13 Market Street, EH1 1DE
Aug 4-25: 14:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Tom Lauri: Good With His Fingers
Tom Lauri
All the way from Switzerland!  Gasp!  at magic greater than English lovemaking.  Chortle!  at comedy funnier than a German.  Swoon!  at a magician cooler than Swiss yodelling.  Deadpan humour meets breathtaking magic.  www.tomlauri.ch.
Sweet Grassmarket • Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS
Aug 11-17, 19-24, 26-27: 14:20 (1h) £7.00 (£6.00)

Young & Strange
The Comedy Magic Show
Comedy illusionists Young & Strange (As seen on ITV1's Penn & Teller; Fool Us) return to The Edinburgh Festival with a mostly recycled hour of comedy and illusions.  Featuring cardboard boxes and gaffer tape it is a cheap show in every sense of the word.  Free Entry seems like a fair ticket price.
The Voodoo Rooms (The Ballroom)
Aug 4th – 13th, 15th - 24th: 15:00 (1h) (Free, non-ticketed)
Le Monde (upstairs in Shaghai)
Aug 11th – 13th, 15th - 24th: 18:45pm (1h) (Free, non-ticketed)


Beyond the Fringe of Reason
Edinburgh Skeptics/PBH’s Free Fringe
We present four special Fringe events: Alt Med challenger Prof Edzard Ernst, philosopher Prof AC Grayling, the real Belle de Jour, Dr Brooke Magnanti and magician Paul Zenon.  For full event listings please visit: www.skepticsonthefringe.co.uk.
The Jam House • 5 Queen Street, EH2 1JE
Aug 6, 14: 20:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
Aug 10: 19:00 (1h30m) (Free Non-ticketed)
Aug 25: 18:30 (1h30m) (Free Non-ticketed)


As Ye Sow
Theatre of the Damned and Bare Bawds Theatre
As an old man’s mind fragments, a fear he thought long buried drags itself from the earth.  Hitchcockian psychodrama meets the supernatural tradition of MR James in a terrifying modern haunting from the masters of theatrical horror. (Magic consultancy by Morgan and West)
Pleasance Dome • Potterow, 1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL
Aug 1-3: 12:00 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26: 12:00 (1h) £11.50 (£10.00)
Aug 6-9, 14-16, 20-23, 27: 12:00 (1h) £10.00 (£8.00)

As You Like It
Sedos (The Stock Exchange Drama and Opera Society)
Roll up!  See the bearded lady, the clowns and all the fun of the fair in the enchanting Forest of Arden, where magic is merely smoke and mirrors (or in our case, a moustache and trousers).
Zoo • 140 The Pleasance, EH8 9RR
Aug 19: 12:30 (1h) £5.00
Aug 20-27: 12:30 (1h) £8.00 (£6.00)

Bullet Catch
The Arches presents Rob Drummond
The high-risk Bullet Catch has claimed many lives since its conception in 1613.  Modern-day marvel William Wonder presents a theatre show with magic, mindreading, levitation and the most notorious stunt of them all.  ‘Profound’ **** (Herald).  **** (Scotsman).
Traverse Theatre • Cambridge Street, EH1 2ED
Aug 2: 10:30 (1h15m) £12.00 (£6.00)
Aug 4, 10: 15:00 (1h15m) £19.00 (£14.00)
Aug 5: 17:30 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 7: 20:00 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 8, 15, 21, 26: 10:30 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 9: 12:45 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 11, 18, 24: 17:45 (1h15m) £19.00 (£14.00)
Aug 12: 19:45 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 14, 19: 20:15 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 16, 22: 13:00 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 17: 15:15 (1h15m) £19.00 (£14.00)
Aug 23: 15:15 (1h15m) £17.00 (£12.00) (£6.00 U)
Aug 25: 20:00 (1h15m) £19.00 (£14.00)

The Edinburgh International Circus Festival
The Edinburgh International Circus Festival
World-class circus artistes gather in Edinburgh to compete in a star-studded circus spectacular, to thrill family audiences.  Aerialists, acrobats, illusionists and of course clowns, in a once in a lifetime circus extravaganza!
Ocean Terminal Big Top • Ocean Terminal Site, Leith, EH6 6JJ
Aug 3-14, 18-19, 25-26: 14:00 (2h) Ringside £24.00 (£18.00) Grandstand £22.00 (£16.00) Side Tier £14.00 (£10.00) Rear Tear £8.00 (£7.00)
Aug 3-14, 16-19, 21-26: 17:00 (2h) Ringside £24.00 (£18.00) Grandstand £22.00 (£16.00) Side Tier £14.00 (£10.00) Rear Tear £8.00 (£7.00)

The Indescribable Phenomenon
A bizarre and beautiful true story of one remarkable woman in a world of mad scientists, escapologists, fraudsters and thieves.  This play incorporates magic and mind reading as life, death, belief and illusion entwine.
Greenside • 1b Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB
Aug 3-5: 21:40 (1h) £7.00 (£5.00)
Aug 6-11: 21:40 (1h) £9.00 (£7.00)
Aug 13-18: 19:20 (1h) £9.00 (£7.00)
Aug 20-25: 15:50 (1h) £9.00 (£7.00)

Paul Dabek Presents Thurston
Paul Dabek/PBH's Free Fringe
Howard Thurston was America's leading magician throughout the early 1900s.  However his chequered past was far less polished than his performances.  Paul Dabek lifts the lid on his early years and recreates Thurston's world-famous act.
The Voodoo Rooms • West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 4-25: 16:15 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

01 March 2012

Lectures - A Wee Reminder

Hi folks

I thought I'd briefly remind you of my upcoming lectures taking place early next week in England.

First off, on Monday 5th March, I will be at Leicester Magic Circle at their headquarters at Braunstone Civic Centre, Kingsway, Leicester, LE3 2PP (map).  This lecture is scheduled to start at 7:30pm and you can get more details from the club directly by visiting their website or e-mailing info@leicestermagiccircle.co.uk.

The following night, Tuesday 6th March, I will be visiting the Mid Essex Magical Society who meet at The Cricketers Public House, Penny Royal Road, Danbury, CM3 4ED (map).  This lecture is due to start at 8pm and you can get full details by e-mailing Michael Alderman on mike@michaeljalderman.myzen.co.uk.

If you are able to make it along, please do say hello.  It will be great to see you.

Speak soon - maybe even face-to-face!

The Cardman :-)

07 February 2012

Peter Harvey and The 2012 KiltWalk

Hi folks

My best mate (and brother from another mother), Peter Harvey has decided to take on a bit of a challenge for charity - he's going to take part in The 2012 KiltWalk, taking place on Easter Sunday, 8th April, going from The National Stadium, Hampden Park in Glasgow to Loch Lomond Shores, a distance of 26 miles (42 kilometres).  Yes, pretty much the full marathon distance!

Why am I telling you this?  Well, Peter deserves a ton of encouragement in tackling The KiltWalk and the best way you can do that is by visiting Peter's Just Giving page and making a donation.  Now we all know that times are tough for everyone but if you can give even a few pounds, it could help make a big difference to some children in Scotland.  And please remember, if you are a UK citizen, to click that you want to reclaim Gift Aid which means that even more money will go to the good causes that The KiltWalk help.

You can get more information on The KiltWalk and the work they do by visiting their website - www.thekiltwalk.co.uk.

Peter's Just Giving page can be found at www.justgiving.com/peter-harvey0.

If you can give, please give generously.  Thank you.

Speak soon.

The Cardman :-)

13 January 2012

New Lecture Notes - "The Difficult Second Album"

Hi folks

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In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on a new set of lecture notes for my upcoming lecture at Paisley Magic Circle.  Well, I can now give you the details.

"The Difficult Second Album" is the title of my new lecture notes and they contain 8 items - 7 routines and one move - that I have been using in all sorts of performance settings for some time.  Four of these routines are ones that I do all the time and have been designed for walkaround situations where you might not have access to a table.

Whatever Number Mentioned
A Card At Any Number that will fool those that don't realise what you're using.
Al-Together Now
This time, it's Any Card At Any Number - but one that can be done with a borrowed deck.
Ardroil Reset
A different handling Paul Harris's "Reset" plot that ends completely clean.
Upstanding Collectors
A version of Roy Walton's classic "Collectors" plot but without needing the use of a table.
Hebridean Sandwich
A couple of selections, a couple of Jokers, put them together and add in a surprise transposition in for good measure.
Selected Vanish
Three lost selections vanish from the deck to your pockets, only for the deck to vanish from your hands entirely.
Come Join The Gang
My walkaround Multiple Selection routine which has cards popping out, changing, and vanishing all the way through.  This will become a real talking point for your spectators.
A Top Change
The handling of the Top Change that I have been using for a number of years.

"...if you like card magic, you'll love these notes!"
Iain Moran, The Cullfather

Cost - £8

Pay by clicking the PayPal button below.
The PDF file will be e-mailed directly to your inbox within 24 hours.

If you have any problems with the PayPal button, please e-mail me on peter@thecardman.co.ukAnd a brief reminder that if you would like to see this material being performed and taught, I will be lecturing at Paisley Magic Circle at their usual meeting place of St Ninian's Church Hall, 81-83 Blackstoun Road, Paisley, PA3 1NR (map) on Thursday 19th January starting at 7:30pm.  Entry to non-members will be £10.

Hopefully see you there.

Speak soon.

The Cardman :-)