24 June 2007

More lecture news

Hi folks

Next Tuesday, 3rd July, I'll be in Watford presenting my lecture to the Watford Association of Magicians. The lecture starts at 8pm and entry for non-members is £5.

This is the first time I've lectured in England and I am both apprehensive and looking forward to it. I hope the members and visitors enjoy and are interested by what I say.

Maybe see you there?

Best wishes

The Cardman :-)

14 June 2007

Terrorvision/Television Memories

Many moons ago - 10 years to be exact! - my sister, Mhairi, and I would have our regular Saturday night TV shows. One of these was Channel 4's "Last Chance Lottery", a gameshow based on that night's National Lottery draw and hosted by Patrick Kielty.

Our favourite memory of this mental show is the week when Tony Wright of Terrorvision appeared on it to sing one of the songs picked "at random" (ahem!) from a large spinning wheel. From a load of Eurovision "classics" (term used very loosely!), he ended up with Bucks Fizz's "Making Your Mind Up."

The great news for Mhairi and I - and now you - is that some genius has posted the video of it on YouTube. So, here for your enjoyment, and for Mhairi and I to singalong with the line "...trust your Terrorvision" once again, is Tony Wright of the mighty Terrorvision singing "Making Your Mind Up." Enjoy!

Speak soon

The Cardman :-)

11 June 2007

Velvet Revolver, SECC, 10 June 2007

This all starts last Wednesday when I got an e-mail from the SECC tickets e-mail list saying that the promoters were giving away a limited number of free tickets to the Velvet Revolver concert at the SECC. All I needed to do was e-mail them with my name, e-mail and phone number and I’d be entered into the draw. A couple of days later, I got another e-mail saying that I had won 2 tickets to go and see Velvet Revolver! Nervously, I went to the SECC box office on Saturday morning to see about picking up my tickets – I wasn’t sure if it was for real or not! I showed the e-mails, the girl asked my name and she handed me an envelope with 2 tickets in it!!!

So, last night, Peter and I went to see Velvet Revolver. We were right at the very back of the sloped seating, but who cares – we were at a gig that, to be honest, we didn’t know anything about until a few days before hand. They opened with a track from the upcoming new album Libertad, which comes out at the start of July, then followed it up with some stuff from their first album, Contraband. The new stuff sounds excellent and I’m looking forward to the new album but my personal highlights were a couple of the covers that they did – Talking Head’s “Psycho Killer”, Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” (which started off with Slash doing a phenomenal guitar solo) and Guns ‘N’ Roses “It’s So Easy” – if you can call that a cover considering 60% of the Velvet Revolver were in GNR!

Excellent gig and I look forward to seeing them in concert again next time they’re in Scotland. For those of you who are interested, here’s the setlist…

Let It Roll
Do It For The Kids
Sucker Train Blues
The Last Fight
She Mine
Big Machine
Get Out The Door
Fall To Pieces
Just Sixteen
She Builds Quick Machines
Set Me Free
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)
It's So Easy (Guns ‘N’ Roses cover)
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads cover)

Speak soon.

The Cardman :-)